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APPLICATIONS: Pharmaceutical, Bio-Tech, Semiconductor, Vacuum, drinking Water.
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Body and Trim Materials

The valve body and ends are castings made

from Stainless Steel conforming to ASTM A351

CF3M which improves the resistance to

intergranular corrosion caused by welding.

Welded end castings have low sulphur content

of 0.005~0.017% and ferite < 3%. The ball and

stem are from Stainless Steel conforming to

AISI 316L. These materials are offered for

Biochemical, pharmaceutical, chemical and

food machine equipment.


A flexible seat design provides tight shutoff at

high and low pressures, reduces wear and valve

torque. The seats are designed for low torque

giving bubble tight shutoff and have no

equalizing pressure slots or chamfers on the

perimeter. Other seat designs available are

Cavity Filler seats for reducing dead volume in

the valve cavity.


Stem & Ball

All valves have blowout

proof stems. And a highly

polished solid ball

ensures tight shutoff and

long service life. The ball

orifice matches the tube

internal diameter to

reduce product deposits

being trapped in the line

and minimize pressure

drop. Its post leading

edges are rounded to

eliminate excessive wear

of the seats.


  End Connections

All ends are one-piece castings and are

machined on all wetted parts to high garde

finish. The standard ends are tube end, hygienic

clamp or extended tube end.

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