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Stem Extension

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A Valve stem extension extends the length of a valve stem for bringing the operating device close

to the surface, eliminating the need for heavy, long Valve struggling to find the operating device.

Especially if you have a deep burying.


Stem Extension type ABall Valve Stem Extension. Type A


  • Rugged and stable

  • Investment casting

  • Stainless steel fabrication

  • Good airtightness

  • Mount upon ISO-5211 direct mounting pad F04~F12

  • Could be fitted with locking device and actuator

    TYPE B  
    Stem Extension Type BBall Valve Stem Extension. Type B


  • Less cost

  • Bar stock

  • Stainless steel fabrication

  • Easy to fitted with any valves

  • Optional extension stem state length

  • Require no maintenance